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Scott Storch On 50 Cent: “We Can’t Make A Bad Record”

The platinum producer also dishes on his work on “Detox” and with Dr. Dre in the late 1990s.

Scott Storch says he and 50 Cent can’t lose. The Miami, Florida-based producer of Curtis Jackson‘s “Candy Shop” and “Just A Lil Bit” says he hopes to work with the G-Unit general again because of their flawless track record.

“50 [Cent], he’s ill,” Storch said in the two-and-a-half minute clip. “For some reason, we can’t make a bad record. Every time me and him make a record, it’s some fucking dope, fly shit. The success rate is 100% with us doing stuff together.”

Storch also discussed his work on Dr. Dre’s Detox in the video. He says Dre probably has about “3 million” songs recorded for the album, but he does not discuss when or if the long-delayed project will ever come out.

Elsewhere, Storch reflects on his work with the Aftermath Entertainment mogul in the late 1990s and how they created what would become Storch’s signature piano- and string-driven sound that was featured on Dre’s 2001 LP and elsewhere.

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