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Get Plays on Apple Music, Spotify & Tidal today! 

Lets face it, these are the plays the matter. The streams that count on music charts like Billboard. The streams that artists are paid for in both money and recognition. Digiindie is ready to meet the demands of the ever changing music industry by  offering Streaming Promotion for Spotify, Tidal and Apple Music. With our service, we will promote your music through our network of DJ’s, music fans and connoisseurs and get you the plays you deserve.


$10 per week / per service

(average/estimate of 500 plays per week)

$30 per month / per service (Save $10!)

(average/estimate of 2000 per month)

$25 per week / UNLIMITED services

(average/estimate of 500 plays per week / per service)

$50 per month / UNLIMITED services (Save up to $190!)

(average/estimate of 2000 per month / per service)

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