Pre-Save Get Along Now ! Renni Rucci , MariahLynn , and Jhonni Blaze on Cameron Cartee Production .

Atlanta, Georgia Preview the song > Get Along Majority of the time when you hear about a new all female song, you think one thing. A booty shaking mess sometimes. Not this track I was able to listen to. I am glad to be privileged to be able to preview…


Melissa Meeks Hopes To Use Prior Experiences As Empowerment To Help People | @MsMelissaMeeks (Article)

You may know Melissa Meeks but if you don’t I’m sure you know her ex-husband American fashion model and Actor Jeremy Ray Meeks. Melissa Meeks is the former wife of Jeremy Meeks a convicted felon who rose to fame after his sexy mugshot was posted on the Facebook page of the Stockton Police Department went viral. The media nicknamed him ,”Hot Felon”. Melissa Meeks Hopes To Use Prior Experiences As Empowerment To Help People Who Aspire To Change Their Lives. Melissa Meeks is now controlling the narrative about her life and what is going on with it. She has already made herself well-known, building a solid platform. Now, this platform will be used to help others, as Meek has been fortunate to make major changes in her life. Continuing to make personal strides, Melissa Meeks has a new team, with CEO-ISHHH taking over as her publicist. With the new team in place, Meeks’ goal is to help people empower themselves. Many people have many struggles, and as a woman who has publicly struggled, Melissa Meeks wants to help women, along with anyone else, help overcome those struggles to create a better life for themselves.

Sam Collier – “A Greater Story: My Rescue, Your Purpose, and Our Place in God’s Plan” (Book)

Get Book Here Speaker, Pastor and National TV/Podcast Host Sam Collier Releases New Book A GREATER STORY, Revealing His Journey From Poverty to Purpose Collier Reunited with Birth Family On “Steve Harvey Show”, Launching His Gripping Story of Hope Despite Adversity In his deeply personal and universally relatable upcoming book,…