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What Is Digiindie?

Digiindie.com is a “best of” blog dedicated to independent creatives of all kinds. Digiindie is the definitive blog to catch up on the latest trending music and videos online, explore new artists or submit your own creations to market yourself to the masses. We use our blog to focus our attention on the talent itself, minimizing or eliminating space for clutter, ad’s and other distractions and instead presenting large and vivid image blocks for each post. We also offer a number of creative services to help artists with anything from graphic designs to mastering services. Digiindie’s goal is to make it easier to be an independent creative!

Twitter Hall of Fame (Notable Followers and Fans)

Check out our Hall of Fame of verified followers, fans, celebrities and more from Twitter.

  1. The King Assassin Show – DJ/Radio Show – @DjKingAssassin
  2. Lil B – Recording Artist/Music Producer/Director – @LILBTHEBASEDGOD
  3. Boi-1-Da – Music Producer for @Drake / @welcomeOVO – @boi1dacom
  4. Ranker – Popular Social Media Ranking Website – @Ranker
  5. Brian Hazard – Recording Artist – @ColorTheory
  6. Lance Coleman – Digital Strategist for YMCMB & Recording Artist –@fuzethemc
  7. Moe Rock – Music Producer/Movie Consultant – @MoeRockOnline
  8. Pollie Pop – DJ – @PolliePopThaDJ
  9. Dopeness Magazine – Urban Cultural Magazine – @DopenessMag_
  10. Baby Bash – Recording Artist – @BabyBash
  11. Soulspazm – Recording Label – @Soulspazm
  12. YellaBoyBSF (of Pretty Ricky) – Recording Artist – @YellaBoy
  13. Pablo Pereira – Meteorologist at FOX 11 KTTV – @PabloWeather
  14. King KushGod – DJ/Recording Artist – @OfficialKushGod
  15. Arabella Jones – Country Recording Artist – @TheArabella
  16. Jure Klepic – Digital Strategist, Partner, Contributor to The Huffington Post – @jkcallas
  17. Lyft – Car Service Company – @lyft
  18. Boss Fight–  DJ/Recording Artist – @BossFight
  19. Pretty Ricky – R&B Recording Group – @PrettyRickyBSF
  20. KickRaux – Producer/Remixer – @KickRaux
  21. Deadboy Records – Recording Label – @deadboyrecords
  22. OurStage – Music Promotion Website – @OurStage
  23. MC Ren (of NWA) – Recording Artist – @mcrencpt
  24. Brandon King – NFL Player/Entrepreneur – @BrandonKing4787
  25. Mz. Champagne – Recording Artist – @Itsmzchampagne
  26. Mann – Recording Artist – @MANN
  27. DJ BMAD – Recording Artist/DJ – @youcantBMAD
  28. REJ3CTZ – Recording Artists – @ReJ3ctz
  29. Jodi Kodesh – Emmy Award Winning Meteorologist – @NBCJodi
  30. Emanny – Recording Artist – @theonlyemanny
  31. Big Remo – Recording Artist – @TheRealBigRemo
  32. The Bar-Kays – Recording Group – @BarKays
  33. The Ramona Flowers – Recording Group – @TheRamonaFlower
  34. King Opm – Recording Artist – @TheRealKingOpm
  35. 4th and B’way – Recording Label – @4thandbway
  36. Decadez – iMME/Sick Wit It Recording Artist – @DecadeZ
  37. Vic Dibitetto – Comedian – @vicdibitetto
  38. Jackie Christie – Star of Vh1’s Basketball Wives LA, Designer/Author – @JackieChristie
  39. Anthony Lewis – Recording Artist – @ALewisMusic
  40. Ponce DeLeioun –  Recording Artist – @PonceDeLeioun
  41. G4 Boyz – Rap Recording Group – @G4BOYZ
  42. Sleep Skee – Recording Artist – @SleepSkee
  43. Mind Visionaires – Graphic Designer – @RoyIsThaTruth
  44. Abrina – Recording Artist – @abrinamusic
  45. Color Theory – Recording Group – @colortheory
  46. MarQuis Trill – Entertainer – @6BillionPeople
  47. Bread Boi – Recording Artist – @BreadBoi
  48. Wordsworth – Recording Artist – @Wordsworth_eMC
  49. Murray Newlands – Columnist for Forbes, Entrepreneur & Huffington Post –  @MurrayNewlands
  50. Brian Brushwood – Host of Scam School for Discovery & Hacking The System for NatGeo – @Shwood
  51. Darren Kavinoky – Host of  on   & TV Legal Analyst on  – @DarrenKavinoky
  52. Victoria Theodore – Pianist/Singer – @VictoriaTheo
  53. John Rampton – Founder of  & Columnist for , and .
  54. Pace Won – Wu-Tang Affiliated Recording Artist – @Pacewon
  55. Gerald Kelly – Comedian (Featured on @Netflix‘s Chocolate Sundaes) – @GERALDKELLYNYLA
  56. Isiah Kelly – Comedian (Featured on @Netflix‘s Chocolate Sundaes) – @IsiahKelly
  57. Pryce Jones – Recording Artist/Actor – @OfficialPryce
  58. Psycho Les  Producer/DJ/Rapper, 1/2 of the  – @_PsychoLes
  59. Louy Fierce – Recording Artist – @LouyFierce
  60. Eduardo Rodriguez – Meteorologist and Oceanographer for  – @EduardoElTiempo
  61. Joe Young – Recording Artist – @GorillaJoeYoung
  62. Richie Rosati – TV/Radio Host & Recording Artist – @RichieRosati
  63. Sean Beeson – Game, Film & Media Composer – @SeanBeeson 
  64. Thirstin Howl The 3rd – Rapper / Founder of Lo Life – @ThirstinHowl3rd
  65. The Heatmakerz – Music Production Team – @HeatmakerzMusic
  66. Mike Mosley – Music Producer – @mikemosleymusic
  67. Shinobi Ninja – Rock Recording Group – @ShinobiNinja
  68. Littles – Rapper / Mobb Deep Associate – @LittlesQB
  69. Doc Ice – Rapper from UTFO / Whodini – @TheRealDocIce
  70. Kosha Dillz – Rapper / Recording Artist – @koshadillz
  71. Nature – Rapper – @THEREALNATURE
  72. Dinco D (of Leaders of the New School) – Rapper – @DINCOD
  73. Michael Andrew Jones – Huffington Post Contributor – @Michael_AJones_
  74. Legacy Recordings – Sony Music’s catalog division – @SonyLegacyRecs
  75. J’lynn – Rapper – @LynnandLearn
  76. Jordan Zimmerman – Founder & Chairman of @ZADV – @JZspeaks
  77. Adrian – Verified Follower – @adrian_ttc
  78. Victoria Theodore – Pianist/Singer/Dancer – @VictoriaTheo
  79. Audiomack – Popular Music Curation Website – @audiomack
  80. Foundr – Digital magazine for Young Entrepreneurs – @foundr
  81. Greenspan – Hip-Hop Artist – @Greenspan410

Partners & PR’s

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Digiindie is expanding the promo team! The Promo Team promotes the website along with the artists and shows we support. We are looking for serious music heads that have the same drive and passion that we have for music! We like to provide the best possible kickbacks to our team members for the hard work they put in, some of which include Digiindie clothing items, tickets to shows and festivals, and various other benefits too. If you’re interested, fill out the form below. We are looking for as many team members as possible in all regions of the country!

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  • #1 Hip-Hop Blog as ranked by Ranker
  • https://www.ranker.com/list/hip-hop-blogs/blog-loblaw

  • Top 100 Blog To Follow In 2018 by Tierragamer.com (67 out of 92)
  • http://www.tierragamer.com/top-popular-blogs-to-follow-in-2018/

  • Top 100 Hip-Hop Blog by Feedspot (71  out of 100)
  • https://blog.feedspot.com/hip_hop_blogs/

  • Top 40 on Reverbnation

  • 5000+ posts on Digiindie/Tumblr
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Got a question? Following up on a recent order? Use the form below to contact us. Please do not use the form to send submissions. To submit to feature on Digiindie please visit www.digiindie.com/submit.


  1. I love the layout and content on your page!

  2. Great blog. I like how busy it is! Lots going on. 🙂

  3. Thanks so much for featuring my song “Xiaoshan” on your site! Now hopefully people will notice it!

  4. Hey Homes!

    Hope you are in the mood for a dope new rap song by Peter Manns. We appreciate your feedback and looking forward to collaborate with you guys. I already Tweeted you. I really love how you present yourself, we seems to be on the same wave length (y)




  5. Hey Homes!

    Hope you are in the mood for a dope new rap song by Peter Manns. We appreciate your feedback and looking forward to collaborate with you guys. I already Tweeted you. I really love how you present yourself, we seems to be on the same wave length (y)




  6. Hello to the DIGIINDI team 🙂

    I am a long time reader, fan, listener, and follower; and I thank you for your time.

    My name is Danny, and I would like to share with you, a concept that I created for the underground artist. I am curious to know your thoughts on the concept, and am interested in any ideas you may have.


    Thank you again for your time. I hope to hear from you soon 🙂

    • Thanks for sharing your mission with us. We wish you the best in your journey! It seems like a tedious one, but we believe in the ability of the creative mind to pull anything off!

  7. How do I contact you via email? I am interested in using your promotional services but want to discuss things further. I couldn’t find you contact info on this site.

  8. I’m new to the digiindie experience and was still researching a few things. Just wanted some feedback before I move forward with the services for my company and artist. Wondering if the project a was even a good fit for the resources that u offer and think u might be surprised to learn what resources we may be able to offer as well. I try to keep excitement high in all creative & business collaborations when it comes to my team. Here’s the EPK link. http://www.artistecard.com/blakeholmes

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