Fox Soul TV Launches Partnership with Select Historically Black Colleges and Universities, Seeks to Create Talent Pipeline for HBCU Students

FOX SOUL TV has partnered with four HBCUs as the beginning of the streaming channel’s mission to foster an advantageous industry network for students of color that want to build careers in entertainment. An extension of Fox Soul TV’s ‘our voice our truth’ agenda, the partnership will work towards facilitating a growing platform for diverse works and content created by HBCU students of color.

FOX SOUL TV, a live, ad-supported streaming channel that celebrates African-American culture through original black-produced content, has launched a pipeline initiative for currently enrolled HBCU graduate and undergraduate students to showcase their original content via contests and other creative ventures. The first Over-the-Top (OTT) channel for Fox Television Stations, the partnership aims to give students at Howard University, North Carolina A&T State University, Morehouse College, and Grambling State University a broader platform of experience and exposure by facilitating avenues for industry connections and career-enhancing opportunities.

The initiative seeks to bridge the gap between graduates of HBCU institutions and Hollywood’s growing need for black entertainment professionals (or content creators) behind the camera, on-screen, and in executive positions. With the launching of the 2020 Fox Soul HBCU Video Contest on February 24th of this year, Fox Soul TV and its partner schools want to be a conduit by which talented students of color experience opportunities comparable to their non-people of color academic counterparts.

“If you think about the premier film programs in Southern California and around the country that offer an unparalleled network of industry connections, exposure, and relationships, many talented HBCU students don’t have access to that kind of network. FOX Soul, through these kinds of contests and other initiatives, is going to change that,” says the head of programming James DuBose.

Fox Soul TV is proud to be a leader in the quest to create avenues that help support changing the landscape in Hollywood’s balancing act of true diversity and authentic representation.

About The 2020 Fox Soul HBCU Video Contest
The contest is open to permanent legal U.S. residents 18-years-of age or older, enrolled at Howard University, North Carolina A&T State University, Morehouse College, and Grambling State University. Interested students should submit a 3-minute long original video about one or more of the following subjects: Knowing My Self Worth, My Dream for America, or Letter to my Brothers and Sisters. Entrants can enter all three categories with a different video for each. The winner in each category will receive a cash prize and his or her video will air on Fox Soul TV. For more information, contest rules, and eligibility requirements, visit



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