Samiere – Closure

Samiere had grand ambitions from the start. Inspired by artists like Sade and Michael Jackson, she told us in August, “[I’m] a 30-year-old producer turned artist, who’s out to become the number one artist in the world.” It was a bold statement with which to launch one’s first song, but this new wave artist has backed it up impressively so far. Her debut EP Closure is packed with moody R&B songs with an eclectic finish and her subsequent singles are a reminder just how strong a songwriter Samiere is. A recent collaboration with rising rap star IDK showed the versatility and there’s a tour on the way in September with SoulfulofNoise, too. She’s also promoting her campaign #DONTGIVEUP to stop the silence and to serve the special needs of sexually abused children and their families. “We are your sisters, your brothers, your mothers, your fathers, your lawyers, your doctors or your favorite celebrities. I aim to use music to champion growth and healing for the people among us who have not yet confronted their abuse.” Samiere is the new wave for sure.

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