Mazzi 500 – “Splash”

Rapper/Hip Hop artist, Mazzi 500 today released his newest music video for his popular hit song  “Splash” which premiered exclusively on Underground Hip Hop Blog who said, “Get inside the life of upcoming Toronto based rapper Mazzi 500 with his new video premiere, “Splash,” consisting of extensive wordplay over a smooth bangin’ beat to end up burying you alive at the end.”

The wild video is filed with urban imagery, but done with a tongue in cheek perspective that shows off Mazzi 500’s bad boy side.

Mazzi 500 is known for pushing limits with his creativity and ideas. With this video, he is putting an entertaining yet controversial spin on the accepted “norms” in  hip hop.

Mazzi describes his inspiration: “I was in the crib, heard the beat and I remember I was just vibing. ‘Splash’ was almost instant. But the reason I say I don’t want your number what’s the address is cause I feel now a days there is too much talking. I see all these rappers arguing over FaceTime or through the phone. And I thought to myself if it’s war with me… I wouldn’t want your number, I mean,  what’s the address and then I splash it up… with a woman it would be the same thing.”

Popular music publication IX Daily listed Mazzi 500 as one of their “On Our Radar” artists earlier this month and his previous music video “Swervin” premiered on RESPECT Mag.

Mazzi 500 is an artist who is at the tipping point of captivating a legion of fans with his talent and his politically INCORRECT and fun perspective on life.

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