Mazzi 500 – “More Bandz”

Rising Toronto hip-hop artist Mazzi 500 continues push for rap superstardom with new track, “More Bandz”. The song will be featured on his forthcoming project, The Seizure, dropping late this Summer.

“Keep getting to the bag. More bandz, more bandz,” raps Mazzi 500 in the opening verse of his song that focuses on wealth and deceit. The Trap inspired 808 drums create a tremendous bass effect that “slaps” for the listener. Gloomy piano chord progressions compliment lyrics about jealousy, hatred, and deceit. “More snakes in the grass,” rhymes Mazzi at the songs hook. The metaphor is commonly used to describe deceptive actions. Mazzi has grown too familiar with betrayal and its triggered an obsession with money.


“Too fly, one scuff and I’m throwing out the Nike’s/Brand new trey pound, kick back like Chun-Li/Only team these n****s spit fire ($#*!) when they don’t brush teeth!”


“More Bandz” highlights the advantages of getting to the paper by any means necessary. The Toronto native is no stranger to the finer things in life. In the music video for previous single, “Swervin” Mazzi rode through his city in a BMW 7-series. His bravado is justifiable, especially after his last single, “Swervin” premiered on the legendary hip-hop publication .RESPECT.. He has also been featured on Spotify Canada’s Northern Bars playlist with fellow rising Canadian artists like KILLY, Roy Woods, Preme, Jazz Cartier, and ShaqIsDope.


Popular Canadian music publication IX Daily listed Mazzi 500 as one of their “On Our Radar” artists earlier this month. “More Bandz” gives him an opportunity to capitalize on his growing success within the hip-hop scene. He is a brand new artist poised to captivate hip-hop fans with a fresh perspective on life in a city just north of the United States.


“More Bandz” is available now on all major streaming platforms. The song will appear on his forthcoming project, The Seizure, dropping late this Summer. His debut music video for single, “Swervin” is available on YouTube.

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