Mazzi 500 – “Swervin”

Toronto rapper, Mazzi 500 is making moves with his new single “Swervin,” earning him a spot next to artists including Drake and Jazz Cartier on the Spotify created playlist, Northern Bars, a playlist dedicated to highlighting Canadian hip-hop artists.

“Swervin” premiered exclusively through Respect-Mag and the official video only dropped two weeks ago, but since then, Mazzi’s online following has grown with the “Swervin” video soaring past 1400 views on YouTube.


According to Mazzi, “Swervin” comes straight from the streets and features a “mild, aggressive, bass heavy” beat that perfectly accompanies the days spent just “cruising your car.”


The track perfectly accompanies those summer drives through the streets.  Keep an eye out for the “Swervin” single to appear on Mazzi’s upcoming project, The Seizure, dropping July 16, 2018.

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