Ryan Leslie Set to Perform At THE POWER TO THE PEOPLE Benefit Concert In Puerto Rico

Grammy Nominated/CEO Ryan Leslie is set to perform this Sunday on the Power To The People benefit concert stage at the Coliseo in Puerto Rico on March 18. The star-studded concert will showcase a wide variety of artists from across the musical landscape including Yandel, Akon, French Montana, Busta Rhymes, Lupe Fiasco and more. The concert will be sponsored by Lottery.com, and proceeds will benefit the devastated U.S. territory. To donate directly to the charity event text “puertorico” to 91999 or visit https://www.lottery.com/powertothepeople.

The multi-platinum music producer has recently focused his formidable talents in the tech realm and has developed an app called SuperPhone. The app focuses on creating deeper, more meaningful relationships on a personal and or enterprise level.



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