Chanda Lynette Tresvant – Why They Actin?

Chanda Tresvant is a singer born and raised in CALIFORNIA with 3 siblings a twin sister Claudia , older sister Taryn and younger brother Derek Tresvant. Who mother is Donna Walker and Father Derek Tresvant . Chanda Tresvant comes from a musical Background who father is a radio promoter who was in billboard magazine. Chanda Tresvant is also related to Ralph Tresvant known as the lead singer to the legendary group New Edition! Growing up in the valley of California Chanda Tresvant went to performing arts Schools .She was in school talent shows when she was in elementary and middle school and joined the school play . Growing up in a middle class family there was its ups and down just like any other family. Chanda Tresvant grew up singing from the time she can talk but didn’t decide to take it seriously until she graduated High School and decided to pursue the career. During high school every sat she would take acting classes with Famous actor Todd Bridges mother to help her perfect being a actress . After high school she went being a video girl for rappers such as Father,Young Dolph,Yg,Nipsey Hussle,Decadez ,and ext…….. in 2018 Chanda Tresvant still resides in California in the valley and came out with a new single “Why they Actin?” that debuted on Feb 14  on spotify and itunes !

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  1. CHANDA TRESVANT ??? Damn this is hot ? ? ?

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