Enfenit (@enfenit) – “Fell Back”

Houston rapper Enfenit premieres new single “Fell Back” with Rhyme Hip-Hop and Audiomack. “Fell Back” will appear on Enfenit’s forthcoming which is scheduled to be released this Spring.

Listeners may fall head over heels for Enfenit’s new single, “Fell Back.” The Houston native may have had to “get back from the fell back” in the past but his latest release certainly indicates his growing potential within the hip-hop scene. “Fell Back” offers a smooth beat and chill narrative. Rhyme Hip-Hop wrote,  “His [Enfenit] soft melody tackles a hefty verse to accommodate the smooth production, and Enfenit is evolving his sound track by track.”


The track details his willingness to overcome any obstacles to achieve success. He also explains that often times it’s necessary to fall back in a relationship when the vibe just isn’t right but that his love for the rap game is genuine and his pursuance of musical greatness is something he will never “fall back” on.

Enfenit produced his new track in collaboration with Houston hip-hop legend, Tow Down.  The rapper’s lyrical proficiency, which he has been refining since age 11, is apparent throughout “Fell Back”.  By combining fire poetic lines with simple yet gripping beats Enfenit and Towdown have managed to create a rhythmical masterpiece.

Enfenit’s “Fell Back” certainly supports his claim that he wants nothing more than to achieve infinite legendary status by making great music.  He asserts that “life slowed me down from releasing music consistently in the past whether it was financial or personal issues, but through those times I never stopped working on writing and never stopped working on building my skills and sound.”


Unquestionably, “Fell Back” is unadulterated musical evidence that Enfenit does not plan on chilling his grind anytime soon.

Enfenit’s new single “Fell Back” is available now on Audiomack. His forthcoming album is scheduled to release this Spring.

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