Paid Duez (@Duez_Paid) – “Barry Sanders”

St. Petersburg, Florida-bred New York-based rapper Paid Duez presents the Derek Jorgensen-directed music video for “Barry Sanders” from his album Barry Sanders. Paid Duez’s previous projects include “Merry Poppins” (stream) and “Green Monopoly” (stream). His latest releases are “Jetty Reality” and “Wie Hiesst Du” which will be available on Spotify and iTunes in January 2018. “The inspiration came from Barry Sanders himself. Just felt like he came and did great things on the big stage and proved to be great at what he did. I always looked up to the great as they were like super heroes to me. The meaning was just perfect, and it was the best thing to do, because having a feel good song called Barry Sanders inspired me to be great too,” Paid says when asked about the inspiration behind the new single.


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