YB (@ybzofficial) – Rearview Mirror

YB recounts the past to celebrate the present with “Rearview Mirror” premiere on EARMILK. The song is the latest single from his forthcoming album God Still Has Soldiers 2.


“Rearview Mirror” is an uplifting track that blends impassioned lyrics with a chill bass loop. The song explores his spiritual awakening and the impact it’s had on his life. He begins the song rapping, “Let them see the pain, I don’t hide much, but let me explain.” This vulnerability carries throughout “Rearview Mirror” as YB reminisces about his past, the importance of family, and God.

His retrospective musical excursion impressed the popular music publication EARMILK. “A man with a mission, his music is just as focused an poignant. “Rearview Mirror” is a soul-baring track in form and in framing.”  When asked how he hopes viewers will feel after watching the music video YB said, “I want the listener to walk away from my music stronger or more encouraged than before,”

While he stands isolated on a jetty with an oceanic view, YB makes peace with his past and lets the memories set sail. As pointed out by EARMILK, “A beautiful moment of salvation, YB’s vulnerability and devotion are arresting and admirable. Rearview Mirror” is a series of intricacies, it is the product of an artist with a critical eye and the heart required to toil over the smallest details.”

YB wears his heart on his sleeve in “Rearview Mirror.” His sincere thoughts and emotions will captivate viewers from beginning to end. His forthcoming album God Still Has Soldiers 2 will be available in March 2018. Fans can watch “Rearview Mirror” now at EARMILK.com.