Dabron Kain (@DabronKain) – “Be You” | Shot by @AnimusVisual

We’ve been rocking with Dabron Kain for some time now; last time we caught up with the passionate Tampa Bay emcee he was getting several pressing matters off his chest. He believes in himself, he believes that you will believe in him, and I believe he makes good movie music. With “Be You” (the third single from Dabron’s debut EP, Trial & Era) comes a theme of self-acceptance. What I took from it was that trying to be anyone but who you were sent here to be… will leave you feeling drunk with emotion, throwing up your deepest regrets, only to start the next day as the same person you were yesterday. The juxtaposition of characters in the Animus Visual-directed video lend power to the idea that letting what is be what is… will lead you to your own personal heaven.

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