How Two Young Entrepreneurs Are Breaking In The Music Industry and Working On Opening A Studio In London

As the founder of WMR Music Group, Matty  says,How they started from selling beats on Soundcloud to the opening recording studio in London and clothing stores in major European cities.

The Latvian-based music recording comapny WMR Music Group is working in collaboration with various Hip Hop and Trap music style artists all around world, as well as gaining massive popularity by launching their clothing line #WeMakeMoney

Although WMR Music Group started only in January this year, the company can already be proud of its significant worldwide success.

Under the guise of the recording company is Durdy, who has established his success together with WMR Music Group, he has recorded collaboration song with the world famous rapper ‘Havoc’ from the Legendary duo Mobb Deep. The company has received great feedback and support from Canadian, Norwegian and English Hip Hop culture fans, where also  the #WeMakeMoney clothing line is mostly distributed. The WMR Music Group shares its merchandise, music and accessories on Social Media, where they have already gained more than 20,000 Followers in Instagram and Facebook.

WMR Music Group is currently working on opening a music recording studio in London, which is scheduled to be launched next year. The distribution of #WeMakeMoney  clothing brand and other merchandise will be opening in United Kingdom and Norway.
In collaboration with home-town rapper from Latvia- Chris King, a project is being developed: A Hip Hop culture magazine, which will be available very soon.

This is what Eddy, CEO of WMR Music Group had to say:

“I usually hear upcoming artists complain about the music industry being difficult to penetrate and lots seem to divert because it looks impossible to become a mainstream artist out here and I don’t blame them.’’

It takes a lot to become a mainstream artist when it comes to music. It entails a lot from song production to playing gigs (shows), video production, branding etc. and when you manage to do all these on your own, you still struggle with promos which happens to be like toughest part.
WMR Music Group is a record label which is being introduced to make the dreams of upcoming artists a reality; they would be given a chance to let the world know how good they are at what they do best.”

Now all you have to do is mail your songs to for review.

“Until we opened the record company and the distribution of the clothing line, we come to it by accident,” says Matiss, founder of the WMR Music Group.
It all started with the purchase of beatpad and by selling beats to artists on SoundCloud page, which did not bring great success.  Although it brought the idea of creating a recording company and working with young musicians. So we did execute the idea by creating website – and social network accounts, but the company’s first steps were not the best ones. It seemed like it wouldn’t be worth the effort and that It was waste of time, but then everything changed, when we found our first successful customer,” says Matty about the company’s founding.


“To become a recognizable and famous artist, it’s hard work” says Eddy, CEO of WMR Music Group. “Song production, music video production, and building the brand, that’s not the hardest part of the business… The biggest challenge for young artists is the struggle with publications, promotions and getting shows and tours. And that’s why we are here to help young artists, because we have the keys for success and we can show the world, how talented they are and how much they love what they do.”

Despite the short duration of the hip-hop culture, the WMR Music Group has made remarkable achievements, and will undoubtedly continue to grow and develop, spreading its name in the wider world.