(Review) Yahmean Remix – Dtox Dtreeman ft. Noae Don & Gutta

“I do this for my people, I give em what they came for / I don’t do security / That’s what I got the thing for” – Dtox

As soon as the track dropped, my head started nodding. I knew this was going to be another banger. Jersey emcee’s Dtox Dtreeman, Noae Don and Gutta drop a raw, gully video for their collaboration on “Yahmean Remix”, filmed by Ron Basse around the streets of Newark. The crew deliver bar after bar filled with bravado and braggadocios warnings over a hard knocking drumline that leaves open room for the lyrics to stand out.

“Worldstar me / Find out what I’m about / Hit him in his head / And watch em log out” – Noae Don

Labeled as a Chief Keef response, most likely due comments made online by the Chicago rapper about the garden state, the track hits hard and clear without directly mentioning the artist by name. Each of the rappers pour their unique styles flawlessly over a beat so gutter, yet so simple it’s hard not to like. Gutta, the rapper delivers some of the more direct bars in his verse with lines like “300 lost 1, now its 299 / all I need is 1 shot / there’s 15 in my nine”.

“You don’t wanna hear the coroner say we losing em / We do hits like Isis / You ain’t welcome in Jerusalem” – Gutta

The video itself features a healthy serving of gang signs, suspicious looking characters you probably wouldn’t want to bump into and of course, marijuana. Most important, is that the visuals lend to the grittiness of the song and take you for a ride you might only want to see strapped in from the inside of your car, or computer. If you’ve been missing that East Coast street hip hop sound, this song definitely deserves a few rotations.

  • Adrian Ladson



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