14 Interesting and Little-Known Facts About Michael Jackson

A6He Was a Real King

The Kingdom of Sanwi in the southeast area of the Ivory Coast in West Africa declared Michael Jackson a king in 1993. It was a region he visited frequently.

michael-jackson-double-10He Was An Inventor

In 1993, Jackson, along with two other inventors, Michael L. Bush and Dennis Tompkins, filed for a patent on the “anti-gravity” shoes they invented.

These special shoes had a triangular groove in the heels that caught onto a bolt projecting from the stage floor that allowed Jackson and his dancers to lean forward beyond the center of gravity. The King of Pop used this gravity-defying illusion to wow audiences in live performances of the song Smooth Criminal.

thriller-600-1382985404His Most Famous Video Was Almost Not Released

Jackson’s video for Thriller was almost not released after Jehovah’s Witnesses (the denomination he was raised in) discovered his character was a werewolf. Jackson, who was still living with his parents at the time, was threatened with excommunication because the video violated strict rules about occult imagery.

Michael ordered the video destroyed, but the editor and director hid the film canisters until the singer changed his mind.

Billie-jean-michael-jackson-29043183-800-1211He Could Have Been Spider-Man

Jackson tried to buy Marvel Comics in the early 1990 so that he could play the role of Spider-Man in his own production of the movie.

MJ CrabHe Even Has a Species Named After Him

A group of international paleontologists discovered a new species of hermit crab on the same day Jackson died. The team were celebrating their find in a restaurant in Alsasua, Spain when they saw news of his death on a nearby television. They named their discovery Mesoparapylocheles michaeljacksoni in his honor.

vgHe Set a Record For Giving Away Money

A noted philanthropist, Jackson donated more than $500 million to various foundations, and he is noted as the entertainer who supported the most charity organizations by Guinness World Records. He won numerous awards for his humanitarian efforts.

michael-jackson-scream-9He Still Holds The Title  For Creating The Most Expensive Video of All Time

Scream is still the most expensive video ever made– $7 million ( $10,834,025 when adjusted for inflation).

MJ500His Image is on Postage Stamps 

St. Vincent and the Grenadines issued Michael Jackson commemorative stamps in 1985. There have been several other countries, such as Guinea Bissau, that have done so since then.

pic4He Must Have REALLY Not Liked Returning Library Books

He was once accused by a library of owing $1 million dollars in overdue book fines, according totheguardian.com.

Michael-JacksonHe’s a Billionaire Even in Death

Jackson is the highest-earning deceased celebrity – having earned approximately $1 billion since his death on June 25, 2009.

michael_jacksonThe Biggest Record Deal in History Was Signed For His Music After He Died

In March 2010, administrators of the pop icon’s estate signed the largest recording contract in music history, a deal speculated to be worth up to $250 million and includes unreleased recordings, DVDs and video games.

black-or-white-straightHis ‘Black or White’ Video Caused Uproar

Jackson’s video for the 1991 song Black or White caused controversy. The general public was not pleased with the uncut version of the video, which portrayed violence and sexually suggestive scenes. The video premiered in 27 countries to an audience of 500 million – which is still the highest number ever.

MichaelJackson_0505081428726He Brought Gang Members Together 

Jackson cast 80 members of the notorious street gang rivals, the Crips and the Bloods of Los Angeles, for the Beat It music video in hopes of fostering peace between them.

715775-michael-jackson-dead-at-50The Internet Broke on The Day He Died

As news spread throughout the world, Twitter, Wikipedia and AOL’s Instant Messenger all crashed at 3:15 p.m. on the day Jackson died.




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