(Review) Sin Shake Sin – Trend Setter


I’m going to skip all the politically correct, grammatically appropriate statements for one second to say straight forward, this song is dope! I love everything it stands for, I love the rhythm of the guitars, I love the vocals and I love the lyrics. “Trend Setter” is the first single from Sin Shake Sin’s upcoming Lunatics and Slaves album. The incredibly talented Stacy Hogan crafts a perfect song to describe the reality TV loving, microwave mentality of today’s complacent society. It’s a borderline anthem for anarchy, except not the kind that riot and burn buildings for no reason other than the sheer joy of watching it burn, but for righteousness.

The lyrics are a sarcastic take on self-imposed ignorance with a chorus that states “Just ignore the past / divide the people / multiply the cash / hide behind the steeple / so sit on your ass and ask for nothing better / congratulations you’re a trendsetter”. Simply powerful, maybe even enough to evoke a few who are guilty of being said “Trend Setter” to rethink their purpose in the machine of society. In just over 3 minutes, it touches on so many of today’s corruptions with only a few words and does so in a way that is not bland or preachy. The lyrics are incredibly bold, the vibe is rocking, the attitude is strong and the approach is brilliant.

In addition being a masterfully written and composed song, I was even more impressed to learn Stacy Hogan writes all his songs, plays all the instruments, sings, records, produces and mixed everything himself! He is an award winning artist who has performed with several other award winning artists such as Grammy winner Linda Davis, Shinedown, Seether, Lady Antebellum, Hoobastank, Finger Eleven and many more. Sin Shake Sin’s sound mixes a taste of some of my personal favorite rock styles and acts. From the industrial rock of Nine Inch Nails to the blues rock of The White Stripes infused with powerful genre crossing pop-ready choruses.

Stacy Hogan and Sin Shake Sin is a musical experience I am looking forward to hearing much more from. If he continues to make songs like “Trend Setter” and be as epic of an artist as he already is, there really is no telling the impact he could make in the world of music and the world at large. This is definitely an artist I am betting my money on and placing some in his account for the next project!

–        A. Ladson



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  1. no shit!! this is the shit!!

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