(Review) N. Wolex – No Regrets


With “No Regrets”, Southeast London composer and African Native Nicholas Wolex (N. Wolex) crafts a reflective piece of music about the rough waters of a relationship at its end. The song is anthem for moving on that is as equally warm as it is emotional. The verses paint the picture of a woman, who delivers the vocals on “No Regrets”, attempting to balance her relationship, life and career. The chorus kicks in with the words “I don’t want no life of regrets”, a struggle many share in common but all too often can’t avoid.

Relationship choices are often lessons to learn from and this song is a perfect example of that sentiment. The production is inspired by an intriguing mix of Classical elements with Soul/Pop influences. The layered vocals and harmony blend incredibly well with the modest piano, chords, bass and drums that make up the feel on “No Regrets”.

All in all, the power of the lyrics and the stand strong resiliency of the chorus inspire the listener to follow the message of No Regrets and empower them to move on. The ambiance creates the perfect mood music for shedding the last tear before closing the chapter of a storied relationship. N. Wolex showcases his ability to craft music that touches on deep subjects and the soul. He uses he own life experiences and those of people he has come in touch with to speak for the unspoken. To talk about the less glamorous experiences life sometimes has to offer.  In a world where many of our real life troubles are often unspoken for, N. Wolex is certain to be a lasting voice to make them heard.

–        A. Ladson




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