(Review) Dtox Dtreeman – Who Got It


There’s no better feeling than arriving back in your home after spending time in another city. In the case of Dtox Dtreeman’s new song “Who Got it”, there’s cause to celebrate being back in Elizabeth, NJ after a formative period of time away in Connecticut. After listening to the track, it seems like Dtox Dtreeman has decided to bring his listeners along for the ride.

After enjoying spending time with family and women, the question of the day surrounds the search for bud. Over a bass tone chorus coolly setting the scene of a contented Dtox Dtreeman cruising through Elizabeth, excitement can’t be contained and a higher pitched “Who Got It?” rings out like a clarion call over all else. Dtox likes to use his affinity for cannabis as a lens for how he sees his world, a filter if you will. Here he uses it well, creating a space for himself to talk the strength of his relationship with his brother and some of his best memories of glory days as a kid in the ol’ NJ. The message of the song is packaged within a quest for something external when, in fact, the adventure in Elizabeth that “Who Got It” recounts is actually a journey inward, a delving into the wonderful feeling of hometown love.

Dtox’s rap style is almost conversational. The lyrics are picturesque and really paint an attractive vista of what a New Jersey homecoming might feel like in his world. The scratch and break boom bap beat reminds me of Pete Rock in the best way. The song has a definitively nostalgic feel to it but the weed-rap overtones made that nostalgia accessible and vibrant. “Who Got It” is a pretty cool song. I like it.

–        iLikeZach



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