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Charlotte Bash has got a really powerful singing voice. She proves that with facility and charm in her song “Liar”, a single on her new EP entitled, “Journey To Me”.  But Charlotte doesn’t stop at merely demonstrating strong vocal chords here. She uses “Liar” as a vehicle of exploration, specifically in terms of the special kind of tragedy people in love can inflict upon one another and the precious wisdom that can sometime be found in the aftermath.

For a song called “Liar”, it comes as a wonderful surprise to realize that that Charlotte Bash has actually written a song about discovering truth. At first the lyrics serve to expose her betrayer, the songs titular “Liar”. He says he’ll call but he doesn’t.  He says he’ll be there but he won’t. He’s a heartbreaker whose dishonesty causes both parties to “lose [their] innocence”. But Charlotte’s understanding of her lost lover evolves over the course of the ballad. She begins to wonder if the person she at one time didn’t believe is actually just someone who is experiencing real feelings and simply can’t believe themselves, choosing instead to mask their love within what would eventually become a vacuum of mistrust.

A heavy and deliberate minor piano and halting drum line give credence to the gravitas of the song’s lyrics. Charlotte Bash’s vocals are the song’s engine, empowering the piece with finely tuned notes and a memorable delivery. Her voice is accented with just enough eloquence to impress Broadway and just enough of a twang to get a country listener to turn the radio up. I’d be a “Liar” if I didn’t say the song was worth a good listen.

–        iLikeZach

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