(Review) Malachi Grant – Welcome 2 My World


Malachi Grant delivers exactly what he promises in the title of his most recent project “Welcome 2 My World”. With candor, wit, and more than a little humor, Grant tells his audience exactly how he defines his universe. Hailing from Peekskill, New York, Malachi outlines his album’s mandate at the outset with a comprehensive statement; “I can only show you what I can show you. And I can only show you me. So this is me.” Over the course of twelve infectious tracks, Malachi Grant makes good on his words by letting his audience know just who he really is.

Production on “Welcome 2 My World” is strong. The album offers YungFokus of FMG, Koncept Productions, Mystro, Flashbeats, Mike DaSilva and Kid Flash well deserved production credit for a collection of uptempo Hip-Hop beats. New York recording house Stush Music Studios crafts a consistent mix here and a crisp recording that gives valuable reference to the nuances of Malachi Grant’s mutable rap accents without neglecting the album’s vibrant instrumentals.

It seems like Malachi Grant wants what a lot of young people these days do. He craves financial freedom for his friends and family, lots of time for fun and partying for himself and a healthy career making the music he loves. But his songs tell the story of a young man with the determination to go out and get those things for himself. His complex punch lines are intelligent but don’t require a seasoned hip-hop ear. The metaphors Grant employs are accessible and funny. Each song makes you want to shoulder-dance in your seat while they’re bumping in your car speakers making this album a great listen all the way though.

The song “G ride” Malachi demonstrates a flow that is mainly contemporary and unique but, at just the right moments, offers nostalgic cues to an early Cash Money bounce rhythm alongside an adroitly crafted feature by Dunn da God. The track’s producer, YungFokus uses racing synth horns and very danceable drum and clap to highlight the point. “Lovely” shows Grant’s appreciation for the ladies on a track produced by Koncept Beats and accompanied by the high-quality vocals of Spade. My personal favorite track on the “Welcome 2 My World” is “So Much More”. Koncept Beats of Bryant Walker Productions shines once again here with a calmly triumphant boom-bap beat that screams “inspirational”. The lyrics bring the album’s original goal full circle, delineating the essential impetus for the Malichi Grant’s album; namely in terms of the Westchester rapper’s mission to serve as  “a flare to the life where you do what you dare”.

As far as I’m concerned, Malachi Grant represents the totality of the Peeksill rap scene for me but he’s inspired me to look into it more. After all, “Welcome 2 My World” makes it look pretty good. I’m looking forward to seeing how far he can take his growing skills and robust motivation. As a person with substantial roots in the ol’ nine-wun-fo myself, I certainly look forward to seeing Malachi Grant go far.

–        iLikeZach

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  1. Signed and Sealed is my favorite track on the album. He comes off really smooth something like LL Cool J or Fabulous when he rhymes to the ladies.

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