(Review) DTox DTreeman – Breaking Me Down


Dtox Dtreeman seems to have an increasingly unique way of exploring his universe through marijuana. His new track, “Breaking Me Down” is no exception. On this track, Dtox Dtreeman explores the concept, “You are what you smoke”, using the first-person perspective of the plant itself.

The song is multifaceted from the outset with airy crystalline bells countering a firm bass line and a synthesized drum and clap formula.  The backing beat sets the stage for Dtox to introduce the listener to the sticky green plant that uplifts even while it gets broken down, so to speak. Hearing those and other lyrics like “Ima stay underground till they make me legit”, can’t help but invite poignant comparison between weed and say, the music of a young rapper on the rise. Both offer a way to enrich the lives of the participant but simultaneously have the capacity to be reduced to the simple drive for profit, depending on how the product is valued and used.

Dtox doesn’t neglect humor on this track either. He adds in some jokes throughout the record on the paradoxical nature of weed. It’s not hard to tell Dtox is having fun when puts a voice on his subject at the end of the song, offering shoutouts to his fellow cannabinoid euphemisms with a high pitch accent. Dtox’s “Breaking Me Down” is more of a fun display of imaginative talent than a sober introspective piece, which makes for a good decision when the listener is in the mood for some easy-going driving music that still has the ability to make you think a bit.

–        iLikeZach

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