(Review) A.D. Weighs – Crows Feet & Reading Glasses


When I was a kid, I never believed the phrase, “When it rains it pours”. Before I knew better, I thought the notion was just superstition.  But A.D. Weighs’s track “Crows Feet and Reading Glasses” has introduced plain-out bad luck time and time again along with and all the hilarity that comes with it. The record is a treasure. A.D Weighs uses the song to tell the story of a man who has had a rough enough day as it is (lost wallet, etc.) but whose experience is challenged even further when he discovers that his girlfriend might be sleeping with someone else.

A.D Weighs goes over the possible outcomes with a sense of enthusiasm and self-forgiveness that appeal to the down-and-out mentality that gnaws at all of us sometimes. After getting the bad news about his girlfriend, A.D Weighs asks for advice and receives some sound wisdom from his friends. He is cautioned to think about how getting revenge might affect his credit and admonished for considering it. In the end, A.D Weighs seems to discover that he’s better off just letting her be. That’s a nice thought to end a song on.

I like “Crows Feet and Reading Glasses”. I think the potential is huge in terms of what it can help its audience to understand. Specifically, it teaches that relationships can be hard, but that doesn’t mean we have to lose our hard-earned cool to get through it. The last verse of the song is comprised mostly of the main character trying to imagine how his significant other would live their life in the future (Hint: It was a great deal worse than her life with him). In other words, I like “Crows Feet and Reading Glasses” because it reminds me of the inevitability of a relaxed future, a time when the superficial kind of melts away in all its forms. The beat on the track is playful and definitely Hip Hop, as is the blues-era bad-man vocals on the chorus singing, “Left a little something on your nightstand babe”. All in all, I like it.

–        iLikeZach



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