(Digiindie Review) DTox Dtreeman – I’m So High


Yep, this song is about weed. And yes, the artist writes about being high the whole time. Does he even go as far as to describe what it’s like to roll and make up affectionate names for the way he holds a blunt? Uh huh! And yet, when I sat down and listened to DTox’s record, “I’m So High”, I couldn’t shake the feeling that this was one of the more original tracks on the subject that I have heard in quite a long time.

With clever lyrics and smart composition, “I’m So High” pushes far beyond the 2-dimensional act of smoking itself. The song offers a glimpse into the internal struggle of the chronic marijuana smoker. Here, the simulated joy of getting high isn’t really glorified any further than its facility as an escape from the real pressures of life. With the kind of adroit self-awareness only found in careful and well-honed lyricism, DTox invites the listener to walk with him on a beautiful tightrope of euphoria above the world of a man in anguish.

A silky beat with strong yet unassuming head-nod drums completes the set, making “I’m so High” a very comfortable listen. Clutched dome material all the way through.

– iLikeZach

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