“Freeway” Ricky Ross Believes Rick Ross Is Funded By Police, Disses Jay-Z

“Freeway” Ricky Ross calls Jay Z’s comments made in Vanity Fair magazine about his drug dealing past, “corny.”

During a recent appearance on the Murder Master Music Show, former drug kingpin Freeway Ricky Ross shared his thoughts on Maybach Music Group artist Rick Ross, an artist he challenged to a charity boxing match just months ago.

Ricky Ross, who has undergone numerous legal battles with Ross over the use of his stage name, shared his belief that the Miami emcee is funded by the police union. According to the former drug trafficker, police are financing Ross’ career to keep prisons filled with young men.

“I believe that he’s being financed by the police union and keeps spreading bullshit to the youngsters, so they can keep filling up the penitentiaries cause he ain’t selling no music,” said Ricky Ross. “They keep playing him on the radio and keep putting out all these big, expensive videos, but he ain’t selling no music. So, somebody is shootin’ off money. And I believe that the police union behind it.”

Ricky Ross also shared his thoughts on another popular rapper during his radio interview. Prior to speaking on Ross, he referenced a recent interview Jay Z took part in with Vanity Fair. In his interview with the magazine, which Ricky Ross referred to as “corny,” the Brooklyn emcee commented on his drug dealing past and witnessing the impact drugs had on his community.

“I’m just out here pounding the concrete, man,” said Ricky Ross. “I just left Orlando. I was in Detroit just hitting these high schools up really letting them know about these dudes who out here faking. Talking about they sold dope and read that shit and it’s so corny. I was just reading on the airplane the other day, the Vanity Fair with Jay Z in it, talking about that he sold crack. I was just reading it and it was so corny. These dudes just don’t keep it one hundred. They was good boys and they went to school and they got college degrees and somebody gave them a good job, you know? And they doing alright right now. Everybody wanna be d-boys, but they don’t carry it like d-boys. They don’t have d-boy stories.”

Later in the interview, after being applauded for his recent work with kids and others in the community, Ricky Ross addressed the acceptance artists like Ross and Jay Z receive from many including President Barack Obama.

“That’s crazy that you said that, but they accepted by everybody,” he said. “These people let them go and talk to their kids and pay ‘em to come and talk to their kids. The president of the United States will invite them to the White House. But then with me, I did 20 years in prison and I’m talking about not sell drugs and you gotta try to make it a better way…When I sold dope I believed that it was cool at that time to sell dope, you know? And that’s why I was selling dope. Now, I don’t feel like that anymore. I don’t feel that it’s cool to sell dope anymore and that’s why I do what I do right now.”

Ricky Ross has appeared in court several times over the past few years due to lawsuits he filed against the Maybach Music Group helmsman. In January of this year, it was reported that both Ricky Ross and Ross were scheduled to appear in court in August.

And in May of this year, Ricky Ross offered to take on the rapper in a charity boxing match. Ross did not respond to his request.

“And you know what, I would take him too if we do it for charity,” said Ricky Ross. “If he wanted to go down, we go in and we donate all the money to some kids. I’d be willing to do that…Yeah, even though he ‘bout 400 pounds bigger than me. That don’t mean nothing. Cause he look like he ‘bout to have a heart attack anyway.”




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