EXCLUSIVE: ” You Got To Understand, Meek Mill Is Signed To A Former Correctional Officer”

[After recently adding Philadelphia rap veteran Cassidy to his Chinga Chang Records, label head Daniel Herman tells SOHH readers if he’s concerned about Cass’ current feud with Maybach Music Group’s Meek Mill.]


Meek Mill is a whole different level of hip-hop. You got to understand, Meek Mill is signed to a former correctional officer. You would really have to analyze Meek Mill on the same level that you would analyze Chris Rock‘s character in CB4.

Meek Mill may be talented, maybe he’s not, but he’s not rapping from a true street level. There’s no question that Cassidy has come from street background and has gone through his trials and tribulations. But there’s plenty of questions about Meek Mill.

So if you ask me, I would say Meek Mill is a studio rapper whose a liar and is signed to a former police officer. And that’s just not hip-hop.

What Chinga Chang Records is about is true hip-hop. That’s why we signed Kool G Rap, that’s why we’ve put out official joints with Big Pun, Rakim and Big Daddy Kane and Guru. These are true lyricists.

All we’re trying to do here is preserve true lyricists and true lyrical hip-hop. People like Drake, Waka Flocka and Meek Mill are basically doing nothing but ruining the game just so they can sell records to young individuals.

It’s sad but it’s okay because when we put these albums out, it’s slowly but surely going to outdo anything these anti-rap movements have implemented.

Chinga Chang Records is the realest hip-hop record label in the game. We’re not afraid to put out what Sony isn’t going to sell. When I put out music, it’s not so that it sells all these records. I’m putting it out because I know it needs to be put out. Whether or not it takes three, four or five years for the youth to realize how good of an album it is and it influences other people to make great music, Chinga Chang Records is going to basically be like Duck Down [Records] except we’re going to put out gangsta rap.




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