(Review) D – Rap Album


To just get straight to it, with no punches pulled, “Rap Album” is hot. The responsible MC for this fire simply goes by “D”. His style is reminiscent of an early Eminem, Slim Shady Eminem, but remains unique and lyrically powerful all on its own. The album is raw and fearless. He does whatever he wants and makes it work. It’s truly a great Hip-Hop project from an independent artist.

He kicks the album off with “Peice D Resistance” a lyrical assault over a riding bassline and hard drums showcasing a taste of what’s to come. He sets the energy off high right from the start continuing his clever delivery over “WARONTHATASS”, a head knocker with a golden age hip hop feel. On “Pat’sajax” D spits two animated verses displaying his lyrical flow. “2 Dicks; Touching” just seems like a track you wouldn’t want to hear. But if you dare, the only thing you’ll get is more hot production, humorous, crazy and entertaining lyrics. On “Fallin” D spits over a DJ Premier-ish, smooth beat complete with smooth lyrics. He really shows his flow on “Fallin” which is a stand out on “Rap Album”. On “Brokecomputer #Shittymic” D takes a risk and raps over what sounds like… a broken computer and shitty microphone. While they are more likely effects, he still delivers with a quick interlude verse. This is more of D doing what he feels and making it work.

If “Rap Album” is hot, “Hard2beme” is one of the hottest flames burning on this project. He turns the energy all the way up and spits an aggressive assault speaking on his own real life issues and struggles. The 808’s, sample and flow make a perfect rap threesome. D slows down the tempo on “D 101” but keeps it knocking with bass drums and lyrics about his past, reminiscing about where he’s been and where he’s at. On “Lemme Bounce Tho” D delivers some of the most personal lyrics on “Rap Album”, plotting his escape from his troubles and venting about his life. “Brand New Shoes” features funky sample with D bombarding the track with bouncy bars, a jamming drumline and catchy chorus. “My Real Weed Song” is the quintessential weed anthem, the type of track a veteran like Redman would love. It’s super smooth and certain to be many a marijuana smoker’s favorite track to ignite to. On “Sometimes It Was Good” D raps about a broken relationship and his attempt to get his girl back. The chorus is built from clips of a phone conversation adding more intrigue to the lyrics and story he tells.

D ends off “Rap Album” with “Idon’tknowhowtowriteasong” delivering more hard knocking verbiage and confident lyrics over pure hip-hop production. The song which is seven minutes long ends with an acapella verse dedicated to members of his family. It’s deep, raw and emotional, a perfect way to end off an album full of so many personal, unfiltered lyrics. In all, “Rap Album” is a genuine, passionate, wide ranging album filled with entertaining lyrics and high quality production. It is a must hear for anybody who looking for that “missing” hip-hop sound and is very well produced. If you’re into vivid lyrics, clever metaphors and pure hip hop production, this is the “Rap Album” you need to hear.

A. Ladson

Rating: 8.5/10



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