Lauryn Hill Sentencing: Will Lauryn Hill Be Sentenced To Jail Today?


Lauryn Hill has her sentencing today. The former member of The Fugees is in a New Jersey Court to find out whether or not she will be going back to jail on federal tax charges. On May 6, ABC News reported that Hill faces up to one year in prison on each of three counts if she is convicted.

Hill pleaded guilty to not paying federal taxes from 2005-2007. She reportedly earned $1.8 million in that time period but blamed personal issues. As previously reported, Hill claimed that she was “manipulated and threatened” and that she was in danger so she basically went into hiding — and didn’t pay her taxes.

Lauryn Hill’s sentencing will likely not end in her favor despite her “honesty.” The judge said that she only paid about $50,000 but that she owed about half a million to Uncle Sam. This isn’t something that Hill is going to get slapped on the wrist for. It is a large sum of money and regardless of her excuses, people living in this country are penalized and/or punished for not paying their taxes — that’s the way it goes.

If Hill is convicted on all three charges, she could wind up in jail for three years total. Many people will not be surprised if this is what Hill hears today. Will she appeal? Probably. But it is going to be hard for her to get out of this one.

Check back for sentencing updates in Lauryn Hill’s court hearing.


Source: TheExaminer