(Humor) “Kiss Cam Breakup” Worse Moment Ever


The Kiss Cam moments at stadiums and arenas often make for good entertainment, but during a minor league baseball game in Fresno last week something went wrong for one couple.

Sometimes when the camera pans around and finds couples it can be awkward because they’re not really a couple. Maybe friends, brother and sister or just acquaintances who don’t want to smooch. Sometimes they’re simply oblivious to the moment and need some prodding to play along.

When the camera found a couple on Friday night as the Fresno Grizzlies were hosting theĀ Colorado Springs Sky Sox, the lady let her man know they were on the videoboard and it was time to kiss.

The man was on his cellphone and didn’t want to be disturbed, waving off his lady. After a few other couples were shown kissing, the cameraman decided to give the couple another chance. Still on the phone, he rebuffed the woman’s request for a kiss.

By this time, the boos from spectators began to grow. Then the camera operator went for the trifecta.

The third time was not the charm as the lady’s plea for a kiss was again rebuffed. This time she rose to her feet, dumped her drink on the man and walked out to cheers from the crowd.






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