Fabolous Explains The Misconceptions About Him & Street Fam’s Reputation

Fabolous says that Plaxico Burress wrongfully dry-snitched on him and Street Fam. He reminds fans that his music has never been about “tough guy” tactics.

Def Jam Records star Fabolous appeared on Power 105’s Breakfast Club show this week. The Brooklyn, New York native addressed a number of issues, including a time when his hometown appearances required extensive security detail by NYPD. “They was just hatin’—they just said I brought out the whole New York City, and a lot of bad energy and stuff like that.” Fab added that it was never his intentions. “I can’t wager or figure who comes out when I have an event so they took it in their hands to monitor and stuff like that, I guess. I used to couldn’t get into my own birthday parties.”

Charlamagne and Angela Yee asked Fab about his 2006 shooting, which surrounded that era. “I think I got shot by mistaken identity or somethin’.” He further addressed his affiliates and record label, Street Family (a/k/a Street Fam), which has included artists such as Red Cafe, Paul Cain, Broadway and Freck Billionaire. Referring to the reputation of his affiliates, Fab deduced, “All that other stuff, I just heard—you just heard a lot of things. Of course I’m gonna be very generic with stuff that crimes are being said…I even had a lil’ issue with Plaxico [Burress],” said Fab of the former New York Giants Wide Receiver who famously shot himself with a gun hidden in his pocket. “‘Cause one time he had went to a newspaper, sayin’ the reason that he carried a gun and shot his-self was ”cause Fab and the Street Fam was robbin’ athletes and stuff. I was just like, ‘Whoa.’ It was a throw-under-the-bus situation.” Fab was upset with the former now, who is currently with the Pittsburgh Steelers. “I don’t know why [Plaxico Burress] chose to throw our names or make me any kind affiliation with that.” He touted, “It was a dry-snitch-type situation.”

As to why Street Fam as an organization has such a speckled reputation, Fab explained. “We was kinda just gettin’ a bad rap, I think. Once things started happening—or you know how the streets talk; they just say lil’ things.” However, the artist touring with Pusha T also stated that his music is far from violent. “At the same time, I was never—that’s not what I do. I don’t even advertise that in my music. I don’t try to be a tough guy in my music or anything. My peoples in the streets are my peoples in the streets, and that’s what that do. And that’s what they don’t do. Whatever.”

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