Waka Flocka planning on going “back to the essence of music” on “Flockaveli 2”, talks Gucci Mane beef


Just days after Brick Squad rapper Waka Flocka informed Rap Fix Live viewers that he would never do business with Gucci Mane “ever in life,” the Atlanta rapper has now revealed that he has no issues with Gucci.

During an interview with Montreality, Waka Flocka stated that there is “no beef” or “animosity” between himself and Gucci and instead revealed that the two artists happen to be pursuing different goals at this point in their careers.

Waka further commented on his alleged issues with Gucci, which initially started with a single Tweet, by stating that it’s no one’s business what the reason behind the pairs split was.

“We in two paths in our lives. Ain’t no beef, no animosity. It’s just that me and him see two different goals. I guess we both be at the finish line we just going our own routes,” Waka explained. “That’s all I can say. People they just can’t put a finger on it. Like, ‘What’s the reason?’ Sometimes it’s none of your fuckin’ business what’s the reason. You know what I’m saying? Just understand two men went they own ways. It’s no problem.”

The Flockaveli rapper later spoke on his upcoming album, Flockaveli 2, and his plans on taking the project “back to the essence of music.”

“I feel like I’m a fresh artist again. But I know more tricks and trades. Like now I know more shit,” said Waka in a video posted on HipHop-n-More.com. “Plus, my second album I went so far left when I was already writing that I wanted to show people I could conquer another genre of people. And I did it. So now it’s time to go back to the essence of music. Of how I started and what I created. It’s time to claim what the fuck I started.”





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