(Music Review) Absoloot – Banksters ft. Kham


The first thing you notice about Absoloot, besides his distinct vocals, is the quality of the production on “Banksters”. As the song begins, Absoloot enlists the vocal cords of Kham to belt out a soulful hook about the ill willed plans of the greedy banking system. With a subject so controversial, you wouldn’t expect this song to sound so catchy. But in fact it is, and Absoloot’s flow is equally impressive. Over the course of this 3 minute song, he delivers a socially and self reflective bombardment of clever bars over a radio friendly track, all in smooth fashion.

This song is a proof, hip-hop still has substance. This song is proof what you hear on the radio does not define the entire palette. This song is proof you can still make radio friendly music with a purpose. Not to mention, the song has a real feel good vibe to go along with it. There are no real limitations here. A truly well done mix. If Absoloot continues to crank out tracks like this, he just might really be a force in redefining the current sound of music. His sound will catch your ear and if your lucky enough, your ear will catch the message as well. “Banksters” is a cut that deserves to be heard.

Digiindie Rating: 9/10

Review By A. Ladson





  1. Great article, very well put. I’ve been following Absoloot’s music for quite a while now and I truly enjoy it! It’s refreshing and gives me hope that hip-hop as I know still exists. I don’t appreciate what’s on the radio now because I cannot relate to it. There is no real topic that has substance. Absoloot is talking about issues that we all can relate to. Keep doing what your doing Absoloot!! Keep the hits coming!

  2. Great article! This song is awesome. The lyrics are amazing, hooks are so catchy. this is definitely a playlist favorite.

  3. I appreciate what absoloot is doing. He’s providing entertainment and sending a positive message. I love his music.

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