The 10 Most Ignorant Suge Knight Moments

We reflect back on some of the most classic, yet ignorant moments from the legendary Suge Knight.

10.Suge Knight Disses Eminem, P Diddy and J-Lo on the Howard Stern Show


9. Suge goes after the 2pac Hologram


8. Here are some of our favorite Suge Knight quotes:

XXL 2003 “In prison, you get the chance to see who really loves you”

The Source 2002: “I can only spend $140 a month in here. I’m saving, like, $10,000 a day”

Wendy Williams: Since you and Snoop both live in L.A., are there places you both can & can’t go?

Suge : There absolutely are. I can go anywhere I want, and Snoop can’t go anywhere without 20 bodyguards

2003 Interview: “One time me,Snoop and Dre ran a train on a groupie at a video shoot. I went first and then Snoop went. So Dre goes behind Snoop and grabs him by the waist and goes in the groupies butt. I was waitin for Snoop to smack Dre for grabbing him by the waist or at least be startled. But instead Snoop gave him a look like “thanks for the helping hand friend”

2002 Interview:” I like 50 I think he’s a good rapper, he’s not the next Pac but he has his own thing. What I cant understand is why he hates Ja but has songs like Ja. Ja had a song where he was singing to his girl from prison, then 50 had the song where he sang to his girl on the jail phone. Ive been to jail alot and I havent seen this happen yet. The fruity fellas would have your legs behind your head in real life if you singing soprano in a tanktop.

7. Suge ignites a bi-coastal war with this classic rant at the 1995 Source Awards in NYC.


6. Suge Knight reignites a feud with Puffy, nearly 20 years after the East vs West debacle.


5. After years of speculation of his involvement in the death of 2pac, Suge Knight has the perfect defense: 2pac is still alive! Here’s an interview from 2011 in which Suge claims Pac is somewhere on a resort island chillin.


4. Suge Knight, Reality Show? This would have been legendary television, but the show was never picked up by a network so we have to settle for the trailer below.


3. Suge Knight claims Dr Dre had a homosexual lover named Bruce (Howard Stern Interview: 2002)


2. In one of the all time classic interviews, Suge Knight back in 2001 told BET’s Ed Gordon that he had a conversation with Dr Dre in which Dre told him he wanted to be a White man.


1. Suge Knight on the Jimmy Kimmel show in 2006 disrespecting the late Eazy E.



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