Wiz Khalifa Involved In A “Hit And Run”

Rapper Wiz Khalifa could be in trouble with the Los Angeles Police Department, after a minor incident at a recent video shoot.

According to reports, the LAPD is seeking Wiz Khalifa, over a hit and run incident.

The alleged hit-and-run took place last Wednesday, as Wiz Khalifa was filming a video.

According to the victim, Wiz smashed into her car as the video shoot was winding down, around midnight.

The unidentified woman filed a police report with the LAPD, who seek to question the rapper.

According to Wiz Khalifa’s Twitter feed, the rapper is learning how to drive a stick shift.

“I Learned How To Roller Blade In One Day. I’ll Do The Same With Driving A Sticc.”

Reps for the rapper have yet to respond.




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