Bieber Knocked Unconscious At Concert

Singer Justin Bieber was briefly knocked unconscious Thursday after walking into a window backstage at a concert in Paris, TMZ reports.

Bieber went back stage in between songs and hit the glass, but continued the performance anyway, saying: “It really hurt and I felt a little lightheaded, but with my adrenaline rushing through… I played the last song.”

After the show the teen heartthrob walked to his dressing room and passed out for some 15 seconds. Doctors later diagnosed Bieber with a mild concussion.

This isn’t the first time Bieber has walked into glass. He had a widely mocked run-in with a revolving door in 2010 as well.

Bieber is in France as a part of a European tour to support his new album “Believe.” This is not the only incident on Bieber’s European tour. In Oslo, thousands of fans caused a near riot earlier this week. Fourteen girls were taken to the hospital.



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