Lil’ Wayne Being Investigated for Assault Charges.

For the second time in the past month Lil Wayne and his entourage of skateboarders have been accused of assaulting a fan or paparazzi looking to snap a candid photo.According to TMZ, a fan by the name of Alfredo Marino claims to have been knocked to the ground from behind with a skateboard, which casued him to bleed from the head.Marino also says that he suffered a concussion and vertigo during the incident.Marino asserts that Wayne and his crew began making threats to him.“Don’t you know all it takes is a word and these motherf**kers are going to f**k you up?” Wayne allegedly said.“[Marino] will enforce all of his rights under the law and all individuals responsible for this outrageous incident will be blamed for the damages that my client has suffered and continues to suffer,” said the victim’s lawyer, Craig Chisvin.

Source: AllHipHop


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