There’s an ALL OUT WAR lingering in the air between Kanye West Label “G.O.O.D Music” and Lil Wayne’s imprint “Young Money Cash Money Billionaires” (YMCMB) the question now is out of these two Hip Hop Super Families who is going to jump into the brawl and who is going to emerge victorious.  Where did the sudden beef come from? Is it just another ploy for labels to sell records? And will we see superstars like Nicki Minaj and Jay-Z step in to get their mics dirty? I hope so. All I know is that is a long awaited clash of the titans that no matter the outcome, we will all be entertained.

This is not the first time that these royal families have shared the spotlight. It started out to be a beautiful friendship that spawned several dope collabs between Yeezy and Weezy, “Lollipop Remix” , “Barry Bonds” and “See You In My Nightmares”. The relationship seemed to go downhill when Drake got added to the equation. With the rise of the then unsigned Drake at its height both music imprints tried to sign him and of course we all know that YMCMB won. Kanye settled for the runner up prize of directing Drakes first single and smash hit “Best I Ever Had” and many feel that Ye sabotaged the video. This was the start of the tension. The two music giants went on to collab together on “Forever” with another giant, recording artist, Eminem. Even though they recorded in separate studios it seemed like they had settled there minor differences and came together for the sake of good music.

“WATCH THE THRONE”  the tittle of the Big Brother/Little Brother (Jay-Z & Kanye West) collaborative album was enough to stir up more controversy once again between the respective camps. Drake announced on a radio station that him Wayne should drop a collaborative project before “these other guys” do it. Which was a clear reference to the “Watch the Throne” project. Then tension was at all time high when Jay-Z made a remark on him and Kayne’s Song “H.A.M” about rappers spending “Baby Money” and that other rappers “don’t even have his ladies money”. Wayne then responds with “Talkin’ ’bout Baby money? I got your Baby money/ Kidnap yo’ bitch, get that how-much-you-love-your-lady money.” After this all hell broke loose between the two families and the flood gates open.

Pusha T and Lil Wayne are no strangers to conflict. Pusha T claims that Lil Wayne was swagger jacking him and his brother/group member of “The Clipse” style since the Carter 2. He states that they were the 1st ones wearing BAPE and that Wayne pretty much emulated their style of dress. Pusha T also released a freestyle on Drakes “Dreams Money Can Buy” and titled it “Don’t Fuck wit Me”. With lines like “the swag don’t match the sweater” many people thought that this was a subliminal Drake diss. Drake simply responded “if it was directed at me make it more direct next time”. Then Common drops “Sweet” that is an obvious Drake diss and Drake responds on Stay Schemin “Diss me and you’ll never hear a reply for it” and states that Common was just trying to bait him so he can sell more records. Common calls Drake “Canada dry” and also disses his mother and father. They later squash the beef after rumors that he two were quarreling over tennis star Serena Williams.

CYHI the Prynce tweets “To me YMCMB is mid and Rocafella/GoodMusic is kush. You sell more pounds of mid but which one would you rather smoke. #Imjustsayin”.

This brings us to the present. Pusha T drops “Exodus 23:1” which seemed like a jab at Lil Wayne and Drake and before Pusha could even clear up the air  Lil Wayne tweets: “Fuck Pusha T and anybody who loves him” then releases a diss track with those same words as the songs intro. Kid Cudi tweets: “I love my n**** Pusha T, f*** anybody who feel different. We ain’t ho’s out here.”

With rumor of a possible Nicki Minaj and Big Sean sextape floating around the internet and Summerjam right around the corner this is looking to be one of hip hops biggest lyrical clashes since Jay-Z and Nas.

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Editorial By: Soulebrity

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