A Conversation with Tampa, Florida’s Yung Dred (@YUNGDRED813) with @TracyMitchellVA

Tampa, Florida rap star Yung Dred has been making some serious waves these past few years. Things are truly up and stuck right now as he is currently promoting his hot new single “Everything’s Up” featuring Hotboii which is now at 2 million views on YouTube. The track is a music lovers favorite right now and it is taking over radio waves across the country. In the new interview he talks about how his hometown shaped his music, how the song came together, working with Lil Baby and more! Watch the new interview and don’t forget to stream “Everything’s Up.”

Nigel Lee, Better Known as BezKnowsTalent & Record label 87TheLabel are Helping Artists Turn Their Dreams into Reality

Get to know Nigel Lee, Better Known as BezKnowsTalent, is helping artists turn their dreams into reality. BezKnowsTalent was born in Washington, DC growing up in a single african american parent home raised by his mother who worked hard and instilled the hustle within him to make it in this life. Music has always been BezKnowsTalent first love at early age growing up in the DMV area he met super group Dru Hill originally from the  baltimore area that gave BezKnowsTalent a sneak peek into the music industry. Life was rough for BezKnowsTalent in his early years. He went to 5 high schools, 3 middle schools and 4 elementary schools… so, I guess you can say he moved around a lot. Giving the fact that Nigel  started playing basketball at seven years old he went on the play for the legendary DMV area AAU program D.C. Assault which had tons of future NBA players as teammates. After highschool at Eleanor Roosevelt High School in Greenbelt, MD. and junior college Nigel got a Division 1 college basketball scholarship, but when that didn’t work out, I went back to my first love – music and I haven’t looked back since. After interning at Def Jam in NYC Nigel decided in 2011 he took a chance with only a couple hundred dollars to his name he moved him and his family to Atlanta, Georgia it was a way for me to become my own boss. After rubbing elbows with the right people, being in different studios, going on tours and staying consistent with proving himself as an asset in the industry things started to take off for Nigel. He has worked with acts like Karlie Redd, Jhonni Blaze, Snooty Wilds, Rich Homie Quan, FreeBandz, Grand Hustle, a few platinum producers & writers. In the last four years, Nigel has gotten 11 people major label record deals and In the last five years, he has charted 6 people on the Billboard Top 100 and In the past two years, a group he worked with got nominated for an unbelievable award a Grammy. Nigel stated that his best experience has been starting an artist from ground zero, marketing them, going on tour with them and at the end of the year, getting plaques from iTunes, Spotify & Billboard. It shows him the grind and the process works, that being consistent, being devoted, and following through pays off. In 2021 Nigel started his own record label called start 87thelabel which consist of the famous blog, HipHopSince1987, and they combined to make record label 87thelabel to give dope independent artists a platform to shine and do things the right way without taking advantage of them. They plan on building a platform rooted in partnerships. The point is for us all to win. Record label 87thelabel executive team is HipHopSince1987, BezKnowsTalent, TCA Entertainment, TCDL, Keys (artist) and Casso (director). Record label 87thelabel goal is to put out good music, chart on Billboard, win Grammys, put out good music, and do joint ventures with major record labels. Nigel advice to young artists would be to have faith, stay consistent and trust the process. Don’t give up. Nigel would like to shout out the old Bez for all the nights he wanted to quit, but instead, looked in the mirror and told that guy to hold on, and keep going hard you’re inches away. Plus, I don’t see you holding down a 9-to-5. Be on the lookout for record label 87thelabel and Nigel Lee, better known as BezKnowsTalent.

Boom Boom Knuckles Takes on Her First Artist Jay Allant with HirOshima

Alexsandrina “Boom Boom Knuckles” Mavrianos is an entrepreneur changing the music industry one deal at a time. The New Jersey based go-getter sets the bar high while making good business an even higher priority.

Starting as an artist herself at a young age, Boom Boom Knuckles started realizing she was destined to help talented individuals get the recognition they deserve. Her father, who was her number one supporter saw her vision and built a music studio in her basement. When the doors would shut her father was there to help any way he could to get them to open. When he passed away, Boom was devastated and completely stopped doing music. After years of not doing what she loved the most, something clicked that would change her look on the industry entirely. She knew that guiding and teaching others as her father did would bring the peace and clarity of what the young mogul was searching for.

“Ive come along way. Ive been through hell and back but learned so much along the way. If I can help someone get where they need to be I will. Its just in my nature. And I thank my father for that.”

Boom Boom Knuckles then began working with Power 105.1’s DJ SussOne and his brand, TheFeaturePresentation, writing articles on his platform. Meek Mill’s “Oodles Of Noodles” had just dropped and producer Butter Beats, who Boom had known for awhile from being in the game, gave her an interview without any hesitation landing her first exclusive on the first day on the job. Boom continued to break the mold time and time again from exclusives with Justin Love, Sneaker Games, Dave East, Rich The Kid, HaHa Davis, Kush Papi, Mike Ruga, Somaya Reece, Kay Thoth, Roc Nation’s Rel Carter, Devin White, Savannah, Montana Of 300 and many many more. She started getting the recognition she much so deserved, but it wasn’t enough. She wanted to be able to help an artist not only get recognition now, but give them the opportunity she never got. 

Little did she know that she was about to embark on a journey she always hoped for. Boom Boom then linked with the founder of Million Dollar Music Group (MDM), Rocky Lee helping establish his company landing her the first VP of A&R position at his company. She then connected the dots to bringing in her long time business partner and childhood friend Anthony “AMAC” McDonald and his label AMAC Entertainment to the table where history is starting to be built. 

Fast forward MDM along with AMAC Ent. and SVP of Konvict MuzikHiro “HirOshima” Oshima have partnered up and have taken on their first artist Jay Allant. Stay in the loop of things by following @boomboomknuckles on IG! 

Congratulations BOOM! We’ve had the pleasure of knowing Boom Boom for some time now and are so excited to support her on her journey.